May Outing – Ballybofey Co Donegal

By admin
Posted on November 18th, 2014

To stand on top of fairy hill would give me such a thrill
I’ve heard them say in Dublin there’s gold in them there hills
So don’t despair, ‘cos if you dare, the answer lies with me
There’s a wall that’s steep and it’s going cheap somewhere in Germany
And if I could I’d build a wall around old Donegal
The north and south to keep them out, my god I’d build it tall
Casinoes, chicken ranches, I’d legalize them all
We’d have our own Las Vegas in the hills of Donegal
Yeah!! Las Vegas in the hills of Donegal

Next outing for the Society is in Ballybofey Co Donegal. May 18th 11.00 AM

Time sheet to be online next Thursday..